Daves tanker

Dave deler sine tanker om MS-jobben.

Oppdatert: (04.6.2014)

It's nice to be back in MS.  I always liked the atmosphere in the MS rink. The supporters are  there for the team no matter what. MS has a history with youth players and development. With a team with lower budget we will have to find a good mixture of good young players and some established Norwegian players that have  been with the club earlier/present and some older MS players that want to come back and help the team in the right direction. And if we are as lucky this time as we were last time with the imports, I think we will have success. I'm also looking forward to working with young players again who want to learn more hockey every day. I believe we can generate that same atmosphere again with a good group of players and the support of the supporters. But the league will be very competitive this season. All the 1. Division teams have improved a lot this summer so we have a tough battle ahead of us but if we all pull in the same direction I believe we have a good chance. I expect from the young players or actually all players that they listen, work hard in practice and in games. Stay focused and compete a 100% all the time while having fun. Looking forward to starting up with MS again.

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